New England Beach Hut Inspired Bird Box

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Discover the Charming New England Beach Hut Bird Box

Step into the picturesque charm of New England with this beautifully designed bird box, reminiscent of the region's iconic beach huts. Each house features authentic shingle roofs, lapboard sides, and a silvered hole protector, crafted to not only look delightful but also to offer a safe haven for small bird species like blue tits, coal tits, and marsh tits.

Here's why you'll love New England Beach Hut Inspired Bird Box:

  • Authentic Design: Mirrors the quaint charm of New England beach huts, enhancing your garden's aesthetic.
  • Wildlife Friendly: Perfect for small bird species, providing a safe and attractive nesting option. Quality Materials: Constructed from slow-seasoned FSC timber for durability and environmental responsibility.
  • Predator Safe: Designed to be placed out of reach from cats and predators to ensure safety for nesting birds.

How to Use:

  • Siting: Position the nest box on a tree, wall, or garden fitting at least 1.5m – 2.5m above the ground. Aim for a location that cats and predators cannot easily access. The ideal direction for the box to face is east, although SE and NE aspects are also suitable.
  • Monitoring & Inspection: Be observant of the nesting period, typically around April and May. If chicks hatch, expect and respect the need for undisturbed frequent feeding by the parent birds.
  • Maintenance: Annually paint the bird box with water-based paints to maintain its appearance. Clean out old nesting material and disinfect with a suitable product like Wildkleen from September to February. To open for cleaning, swing the brass catch to the upright position and pivot the nest box side by opening at the bottom.

Sustainability Notes:

Eco-Friendly Materials: Made from FSC-certified timber, ensuring responsible forest management.

Maintenance Tips: Maintain with eco-friendly, water-based paints to keep the bird box both attractive and functional without harming the environment.