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A Rustic Whisker-Twist: The Mouse Ornament

Delight in the charm of upcycled artistry with our Mouse Ornament. Created carefully from recycled bike chains and metal nuts, this piece adds a touch of whimsy to your decor. The adorable mouse figure, made from industrial materials, is a conversation starter, standing with dimensions of 8.5(w) x 8.5(h) x 7.5(d) cm.

A Squeak for Fair Trade: Empowering Craftsmanship

The Mouse Ornament is not just an intriguing piece; it's a statement for ethical trade. Lovingly crafted by a Fair Trade organization in Northern India, each purchase actively fights against artisan exploitation. By selecting this ornament, you contribute to fair wages and sustainable livelihoods for over 500 artisans, promoting ethical commerce on a global scale.

From Bikes to Mice: Sustainable Transformation

Celebrate sustainability with our Mouse Ornament. Made from discarded bike chains and metal nuts, this ornament displays the transformative potential of upcycling. The fusion of rustic metals and the enchanting mouse figure forms an aesthetic that is unique and inspiring. By choosing this ornament, you are advocating for the environment, and enhancing your space with a piece that carries a powerful message.