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Fire Hose West End Belt

Transform Your Wardrobe with a Bold, Eco-friendly Accessory and elevate your style with the Elvis & Kresse Fire Hose Belt, a unique and fashionable accessory that showcases your commitment to sustainability. Made from upcycled decommissioned fire hoses, this belt adds a bold pop of colour while helping to reduce waste in the fashion industry.

All our belts are measured from the fold that holds the buckle to the third hole.

Sizes are:
L - 37” XL - 39”

Elvis & Kresse's most notable products are made from decommissioned fire hoses, which would otherwise end up in landfills. They transform these hoses into luxury accessories such as wallets, belts, bags, and more. In addition to fire hoses, they also use materials like reclaimed leather, parachute silk, and even discarded coffee sacks.

The brand has a strong focus on supporting good causes, and they donate 50% of their profits from the fire hose range to The Fire Fighters Charity. This organisation provides assistance to both serving and retired firefighters, their families, and the firefighting community in the UK.

Elvis & Kresse is also dedicated to reducing waste and pollution in the fashion industry by employing a circular economy approach. They offer a lifetime repair service for their products, encouraging customers to invest in long-lasting, sustainable goods.

Overall, Elvis & Kresse is a socially and environmentally responsible brand that combines style, luxury, and sustainability in the world of fashion. They have gained international recognition for their innovative designs and have been awarded various accolades for their work in sustainability and social entrepreneurship.