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Frenchic Paint Al Fresco 'Constance Moss': A Lush, Verdant Touch to Your Space

Embrace the elegance of "Constance Moss" from the Frenchic Paint Al Fresco range, a colour that pays homage to timeless grace and charm. This jewel-toned hue is strong, verdant, and invigorating, with a subtle zestful undertone. Ideal for mid-century design schemes, 'Constance Moss' is a distinctive green that adds a unique flair to any area.

Mood This Paint Generates:

'Constance Moss' brings a sense of tranquility and inspiration to spaces. Its rich green tone is refreshing and invigorating, perfect for areas where calmness and vitality are desired. It's excellent for creating an environment that feels balanced and rejuvenated.

Warmer or Cooler:

Situated between blue and yellow on the colour spectrum, 'Constance Moss' is a harmonious green. While generally cool, its vibrant character can inject a space with life and warmth, making it a versatile option for various decor styles.

Tin Sizes & Coverage:

Small Tin (£10.95): Ideal for accent pieces, with coverage up to 12m². Large Tin (£21.95): Perfect for larger projects, offering generous coverage up to 28m².

Recommended Uses:

"Constance Moss" is ideal for revamping kitchens, refreshing bathrooms, or adding a natural touch to your front door. Its weatherproof and UV-resistant qualities make it a dependable choice for both interior and exterior projects.

Emporium Expert Tips:

To create a cohesive interior design, pair "Constance Moss" with natural wood finishes, light neutrals, or warm contrasting colours. This combination will highlight the lushness of the green, creating a space that is both inviting and stylish.