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Coulson Macleod Cockapoo Ceramic Drinks Coaster: A Humorous Tribute to a Beloved Breed

Add a touch of whimsy and charm to your coffee table with the Coulson Macleod Cockapoo Ceramic Drinks Coaster. Featuring an original fine art drawing of a Cockapoo alongside humorous and endearing words, this luxury coaster is a delightful gift for pet owners. It's not just a coaster; it's a small celebration of the lovable and amusing traits of Cockapoos.

Detailed Description:

The coaster showcases an original, hand-drawn illustration of a Cockapoo by Natalie, our talented illustrator. This fine art drawing captures the adorable essence of the breed, complemented by witty words that Cockapoo owners will instantly recognise and adore.

Quality and Features:

Measuring H10 x W10 x D0.7cm, each square ceramic coaster has a gloss finish with bevelled edges, adding a touch of elegance. It features anti-slip cork backing to protect your surfaces, ensuring both style and functionality.


Individually printed and hand-pressed in our Northamptonshire studio, each coaster reflects our commitment to high-quality, unique pet-themed products.

Perfect Gift for Dog Lovers:

This coaster is an ideal gift for Cockapoo owners or any dog lover who appreciates humour and fine art. It's a practical yet playful addition to any home, offering a perfect spot for a cup of tea or coffee while celebrating the joyful character of the Cockapoo breed.

Locally Made in Kettering:

Designed and produced in our Kettering studio, this ceramic drinks coaster not only brings joy to pet owners but also supports local British craftsmanship. By choosing this coaster, you're embracing a piece that combines artistry with a love for pets and supporting the tradition of local creativity.