Charming Artisan Felt Sheep

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Step into the wonderful world of handcrafted treasures with our whimsical, felted wool sheep. Each piece is artfully made from virgin wool, lovingly hand-shaped into a quirky, charming sheep design that will fill your space with warmth and charm. Softly ringing bells hidden inside add an unexpected, joyful detail. Offered in natural tones, vibrant colours, or pristine white, these delightful sheep are as diverse as nature itself.

Eco-Friendly and Easy to Maintain

Our felted wool sheep are not just adorable; they're also incredibly practical. The wool felt material is heat-resistant, water and dirt repellent, meaning these cute companions can weather any storm. Whether it's a spill or a dust storm, you can easily brush off coarse dirt or give it a gentle wash with moisturising shampoo to restore its pristine condition. It's eco-friendly decor at its finest!

Supporting Women Artisans in Nepal

These felted wool sheep are more than just a purchase - they're a way to uplift communities. With each sheep you bring home, you're supporting the incredible work of women artisans in AAHA Felt in Nepal. This initiative not only enhances their skills but also significantly contributes to their family income, creating an empowering cycle of change. Our close contacts in Nepal ensure good working conditions and consistently high quality for these masterpieces, dyed with Swiss textile dyes, and tested for harmful substances.