Frenchic Paint Al Fresco After Midnight

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Frenchic Paint Al Fresco 'After Midnight': Transform Your Space with Depth and Drama

'After Midnight' from the Frenchic Paint Al Fresco range is a deep, velvety dark blue imbued with subtle teal undertones. Reminiscent of the shadowy depths of an island lagoon, this colour is versatile, making a strong and dramatic statement in any setting. Its adaptability allows it to act as a perfect backdrop for both neutral tones and vibrant jewel colours. This hue is especially stunning when paired with Mid-century teak furnishings or within cool Scandinavian-inspired interiors.

Mood This Paint Generates:

The 'After Midnight' colour evokes a mood of sophisticated mystery and tranquil depth. Its dark blue tones are associated with serenity and stability, bringing a sense of calmness to spaces. This colour creates an ambiance of refined drama, ideal for spaces intended to feel cozy yet elegant. It's perfect for creating a focal point in a room, adding a touch of luxury and contemplation.

Warmer or Cooler:

On the colour spectrum, 'After Midnight' leans towards the cooler side due to its blue and teal undertones. It brings a cool, soothing presence to spaces, making it ideal for balancing warmer hues or complementing cooler color palettes. Its depth adds warmth, making it a unique blend that can harmonise with various design elements.

Tin Sizes & Coverage:

Small Tin (from £10.95): Ideal for small projects, offering coverage up to 12m². Large Tin (£21.95): Perfect for larger endeavours, with coverage up to 28m².

Product Overview:

The Frenchic Paint Al Fresco range, including 'After Midnight', is perfect for rejuvenating kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, front doors, and more. It's a weatherproof, water-based, eco-friendly chalk and mineral furniture paint with a low, almost flat finish. Notable for its ease of application, it is self-priming, self-sealing, and suitable for a variety of surfaces such as wood, laminate, UPVC/composites, and metal, both indoors and out. With minimal VOC content and compliance with UKCA and EN71-3 standards, it's safe for use on children’s toys, making it a versatile and responsible choice for various projects.