Meet the Maker - Coulson Macleod

Welcome to Coulson Macleod

Nestled in the charming market town of Kettering, Coulson Macleod stands as a beacon of creativity and artisanal excellence. This compact yet dynamic design studio is renowned for crafting products that dare to be distinct. Our range spans from intricately folded concertina cards to elegant marble plaques and bespoke wooden prints, each piece a testament to their commitment to uniqueness and innovation.

At the heart of Coulson Macleod is a passionate team of five, blending the latest in technology with time-honoured craftsmanship. The majority of their creations are born in-house, where design and production seamlessly merge. This approach not only ensures quality but also allows for a personal touch in every item they produce.

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of their operations. Coulson Macleod is dedicated to local sourcing, utilising FSC-approved materials, and implementing eco-friendly practices. This extends from the thoughtful recycling of ink cartridges to the reuse of postal boxes, embodying a true respect for the environment in every aspect of their work.

Hannah and Mark, the driving forces behind Coulson Macleod, invite you to explore their world – a place where artistry meets responsibility, and where every product tells its own unique story.

Natalie hand drawing the designs for the pooch range




Our Favourite Makes?

The team at Coulson Macleod have chosen their favourite makes

Hannah: my favourite make would be our Home Wise Words print. I’m a homebody and the quotes resonate

Mark: my favourite make would be the What Is Love? text, which I wrote. Our wedding venue bought the print, so it was up on the wall for Hannah and I to see on our wedding day back in 2012.

Nat: my favourite make would be the Cockapoo dog I drew, who is called Ziggy and lives with Shell

Shell: my favourite make would be the Fold-out Banner cards because they’re so unusual

Danielle: my favourite make would probably be the Vintage Words designs because I love the individual illustrations