Welcome to The Bee Friendly Store

Born in 2018 from a love for bees, nature, and sustainable living. Inspired by childhood memories and a passion for eco-friendly practices, we offer a unique range of products that celebrate and protect our environment. Our focus extends beyond bees to all pollinators, emphasising their crucial role in our ecosystem. Join us in our journey towards a harmonious balance with nature, and make a positive impact with every purchase. Embrace the beauty and responsibility of a sustainable lifestyle at The Bee Friendly Store.

Andrea xx

Local honey at the centre of many Bee Friendly makes




What is your favourite creation?

The Bee Keepers Cottage room spray is by far my favourite, I even spray it in the car!

Immerse yourself in the tranquil essence of our Bee Keepers Cottage Room Spray. Housed in a sophisticated spray diffuser bottle, this luxurious fragrance effortlessly imbues your surroundings with the captivating aroma of Ylang Ylang.