Long Eared Hare Vegan Suede Cushion

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Long Eared Hare Vegan Suede Cushion
Step into a world where art and nature converge with Amelia Bown's Long Eared Hare Vegan Suede Cushion. This exquisite cushion is more than just a decorative piece; it's a celebration of wildlife and a gentle reminder of our responsibility to protect it. The cushion features a stunning print of a long-eared hare, poised gracefully in a field of wheat and wildflowers. Behind the hare, a subtle depiction of a globe reinforces the message of global conservation and the importance of our natural world.

Rendered in a captivating palette of greys, blacks, golds, yellows, and whites, the hare's image is both striking and serene, bringing a sense of tranquility and wonder to any room. Measuring 43cm x 43cm, this cushion is crafted from the finest vegan suede, offering a luxurious feel with a faux-leather touch. The reverse side is a simple yet elegant charcoal, providing versatility and sophistication in its design.

Each cushion is a testament to Amelia Bown's exceptional talent as an illustrator and printmaker. Her ability to capture the essence of the hare and its natural habitat in such vivid detail is truly remarkable. Whether it's adding a touch of elegance to a contemporary living space, creating a focal point in a rustic country home, or offering a comforting presence in a quiet reading corner, this cushion adapts effortlessly to any setting.

Proudly made in the UK, choosing an Amelia Bown cushion means supporting local artisans and sustainable practices. It's a purchase that reflects a commitment to ethical consumerism and a deep appreciation for the artistry that brings the beauty of the natural world into our homes.

Caring for your Long Eared Hare cushion is simple. For everyday maintenance, a gentle suede brush can be used to maintain the texture. In case of spills or stains, blotting gently and allowing the area to air dry is recommended. For tougher stains, a small amount of white vinegar can be applied and dabbed away, ensuring the cushion remains as captivating as the day you received it.

In selecting Amelia Bown's Long Eared Hare Vegan Suede Cushion, you're not just choosing a home accessory; you're embracing a piece of art that celebrates the beauty of wildlife and the importance of its preservation.