Welcome to Paul Card Designs

Delve into the world of Paul Card Designs, a testament to the transformative journey from a personal quest to a celebrated craft. Originating from the need to create a coffee table that resonated with his family's taste, Paul's venture into woodworking transcended ordinary creation, embracing the lichtenberg technique and resin pouring to highlight the mesmerising beauty of wood's natural forms.

Paul's portfolio now elegantly spans from serving boards to bespoke dining tables, each piece a celebration of wood's raw elegance, meticulously crafted to bring the warmth and story of nature into the heart of your home.

The lichtenberg technique present in many of Paul's designs



Paul's Favourite Make?

The simplicity and beauty of this olive wood, punctuated by the resin will always be in my top three...

Accentuated by its stunning silver resin filling, this board presents a luxurious contrast to the natural grain of the olive wood. The meticulous application of the Lichtenberg technique etches captivating patterns into the wood, which are then filled with shimmering silver resin.