Welcome to Fired Imagination

From childhood days spent gathering coloured glass treasures along the shorelines, Anne Wagstaff's journey with glass has been one of deep passion and discovery. This lifelong fascination blossomed into mastery as she delved into the world of glass fusing, dedicating years to perfecting her craft. Today, Anne's dream has materialised into a thriving business, centred around a specially designed fused glass workshop at her home in Great Doddington.

At the core of Anne's creations is Bullseye glass, renowned for its superior quality and the vividness of its colours. Each piece, lovingly designed and crafted in her studio, is a vibrant expression of her artistry. Fired Imagination is more than just a studio; it's a gateway to the captivating world of glass. Anne's expansion into teaching classes and workshops marks a new chapter, where she shares her expertise and enthusiasm for glass fusing with an ever-growing community.

Anne Wagstaff invites you to immerse in the radiant world of Fired Imagination, where each piece of glass narrates a story of passion, colour, and the transformative power of art.

This will be a video of you at some point - hint hint



Anne's Favourite Make?

The simplicity and beauty of my fused glass studs never fails to make me smile.

These earrings feature a black opalescent design adorned with small dots, showcasing a mesmerising array of copper, red, brown, black, and green flecks. Perfect for both dressing up and casual wear, they add a unique touch of sophistication to any ensemble.