Welcome to Amelia F Bown

Amelia Bown is an artist from the midlands with an MA in Visual Communication (illustration) from the University of Derby. Currently working as an illustrator and printmaker, Amelia’s work is a celebration of the natural world.

Amelia’s fascination with nature started at a young age. Growing up in Leicestershire’s rural countryside, surrounded by wildlife and flora her dream was to be like David Attenborough. Wishing to share her passion for art and wildlife Amelia creates prints and homeware that highlight the beauty and wonder of the natural world by introducing colour through the use of patterned paper to simple line drawings. She often repurposes old packaging and incorporates them into digital paintings and silk screen printings. Amelia also experiments with the process of linocut printing to produce work for her home décor range and for pattern papermaking.

With her work Amelia aims to bring the beauty of nature into our homes ‘some of us don’t have natural beauty on our doorstep and I want to provide a window into that.’

Amelia is a member of the Leicester Print Workshop and Association of Illustrators. Her work has been exhibited in The Sketch for Survival 2020 and 2021 at the Oxo gallery London, Small Print International 6 2020-2021, Derby Print Open 2020,2021, 2022. Amelia has received the Air Arts Award for her Lino print of a sea turtle in the Derby Print Open 2020.

Amelia meticulously screen printing an owl



Amelia's favourite creation?

Long Eared Hare Vegan Suede Cushion

Step into a world where art and nature converge with Amelia Bown's Long Eared Hare Vegan Suede Cushion. This exquisite cushion is more than just a decorative piece; it's a celebration of wildlife and a gentle reminder of our responsibility to protect it. The cushion features a stunning print of a long-eared hare, poised gracefully in a field of wheat and wildflowers.