Just a Fiver

Just a Fiver

When you think about it, a fiver doesn't seem like much. It's the price of a coffee, a sandwich, or a couple of beers. But when you spend that fiver with a local business, like The Emporium in Wellingborough, it can have a big impact on the community.

The Emporium is a gift shop that specialises in handmade gifts. It's run by a Wellingborough lad, Paul, who has traded in Wellingborough for 15+ years . The gift shop sells everything from pottery and jewellery to candles and soaps, the focus is handmade, with many artisans from the surrounding area.

When you buy something from The Emporium, you're not just getting a unique, one-of-a-kind gift. You're also supporting local artisans and their families. These artisans, in turn, often buy supplies and materials from other local businesses, which helps to support them as well. The knock-on effect of spending money with a local business is that it can help to create a thriving local economy.

According to a recent report by the Federation of Small Businesses, "For every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business, 63p stays in the local economy, compared to 40p with larger businesses." That means that when you spend a fiver at The Emporium, about £3.15 stays in the local economy.

But it's not just the local economy that benefits from supporting local businesses. The community as a whole can benefit as well. When local businesses thrive, they often give back to the community through donations and sponsorships. They also provide jobs, which can help to reduce poverty and unemployment.

One resident of Northants, Sarah, says, "I love to shop at The Emporium because I know that my money is going to support the local economy. Plus, the gifts are always beautiful and unique. It's a win-win situation."

In conclusion, a fiver may not seem like much, but when you spend it with a local business like The Emporium, it can have a big impact on the community. Supporting local businesses helps to create a thriving local economy and benefits the community as a whole. So next time you're thinking about buying a gift, consider The Emporium and other local businesses. 

Your five pounds can make a real difference.

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